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Jessica won money in the online casino and spent it in the Hamilton Tool Library!

“I saw the tools in the Hamilton Tool Library, and I knew they were good quality. I spend a lot of time in the studio and with these heavy duty tools, it's been such an easy job for me!”

Jessica 's first language is french but we hope she still understands this interview.

“The tools are fantastic! I use them on every creation because they never wear down and always do what I want them to do. Also, the guy who works at my local shop told me that if you sharpen them just right, you can make your own pancakes with them. He was kidding (probably), but it's always nice to know my tools are good for more than just jewelry. Everytime tools are mentioned in an interview, it makes me think of my first job as a jewelry designer. I was getting so frustrated with the lack of good quality designs for straight cuts and earring hooks that I made my own line of tools - you can still find them on amazon! I don't know if they're better than hamilton's, but at least i didn't leave them behind when i decided to go freelance!

Okay, we only have a few more questions for you. Do you think it's important to invest in tools if you want to be an artist?

“Oh yes! So much depends on the right tool - even if you're just watching cat videos at home or checking your email. you need these proper tools, and as many of them as possible!”

Jessica, why didn't you decide to buy these tools earlier?

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Jessica, what tips do you have for someone who is looking to buy jewelry making/jewelry design tools?

If you don't have a studio already, I would recommend investing in one (or five!) now. The hamilton line of tools are perfect for both beginners and advanced designers who love quality!

We didn't know Jessica was such a go-getter, it's cool to see her living out the American dream! Thank you for your time Jessica and we hope to see you at next year's hamilton sale!