About Us

We’re entrepreneurs and builders, and we’ve visited tool libraries all over North America. While we think they’re awesome, we couldn’t help but ask, why Hamilton didn’t have one? To answer that question, we decided to build one ourselves.

In our opinion, it doesn’t make sense to own a garage full of tools unless you’re a professional or a serious hobbyist. Most people need to cut a few boards and drill a few holes each year, and some people don’t have room in their garages! So why put money into a bunch of tools that won’t be used? This is where the Hamilton Tool Library can help.

We have thousands of tools available to members free of charge, whenever they need them. We also have a fully functional Makerspace and modern equipment, such as a large bed 3D printer. We will have workshops so you can brush up on your skills or learn some new techniques!
With each tool we lend, we hope to make Hamilton a little bit stronger and a little bit better. Please join us!

Hamilton Tool Library Mandate

To be helpful; making tools available to everyone.

To be fun; because that’s why we’re here.

To be awesome; continually doing great things with you.

To be inclusive; including you in what we do.

Meet the Team

Halden Sproule

Executive Director

Halden has moved around the world far too much, and is very happy to be settled in Hamilton. His last ten years include work as a teacher, running a 3D map production office, consulting to companies like Acer and HTC so they run more efficiently, and launching a startup ecommerce business. He‘s always been a builder, and can’t wait to get the shop up and running.

Nadine Ubl

Health and Safety Officer

Nadine is a Health and Safety Officer who consults for various small businesses in the GTHA. Her passion for safety has driven her to reach out to help others to work and play safe. She is very excited about helping to build HTL into a community of likeminded individuals who share that passion. She’s also been known to dabble in some pretty creative projects which often result in a great learning experience.


VP, Cuteness

Keiko hangs out at the office quite a bit. She likes to nap, and will often try to herd other dogs... she doesn‘t care that they don’t know what she is doing. She prefers tennis balls to any kind of human tools, and loves belly rubs.

Meet the Board

Diane Koz

Board Member

Diane has held management positions with Bell, Ontario MD, the Oakville Mississauga Local Health Integration Network, the Ministry of Finance and Stinson Developments. Now that she is retired, she is excited about giving back to the community that has given so much to her. She keeps us organized and forward thinking.

Emily Brander

Board Member

Emily clearly loves lobster. She is a doctor at HHS as an obstetrician. She loves to bike, run, and hike. All of these things help her explore the city and its amazing parks and trails. She has been an active volunteer and community builder, and is really excited to make the HTL a success.

Jim Wilkins

Board Member

Jim is an expert at mapping, and can do magical things with large data sets that would impress even the most competent database managers. He works as a consulting analyst for some of North America’s most successful companies, and still manages to find time to help build the tool library, work at his cottage, and explore the city.