Community Ramp Project

On February 14 we started building accessible ramps for local small businesses and home owners. We’re continuing the program, and working to build hundreds more over the coming months.

Do you need a ramp? Please fill out the form below.

Interested in helping to build some? We provide the tools and training. No building skills necessary!

Dozens of people have already contacted us about receiving a ramp, but we simply don’t have the funds to provide them all on our budget.

100% of your donation will go towards our ramp building project, and will help make someone’s (or multiple people’s!) life immeasurably better. We provide the expertise, volunteers provide the labour, and you provide the materials…making Hamilton a little bit better one ramp at a time!

Want a ramp?

Small businesses and homeowners will be eligible to receive a ramp for a fee of between $25 and $60 depending on the gap height. Ramps will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Please review the notes below before submitting the form.

Ramp Request


Measure to the nearest millimeter from the sidewalk to the top of your step. Please record measurements to show the height in centimeters, with one decimal place indicating the millimeters (e.g. “8.2 cm”). Be sure to measure as accurately as possible. For the time being, we are only building ramps for a gap of 1 foot or smaller. Please contact us if your gap is lager.

Custom paint colours will be available on request, but they will come at an added cost of $5.

Ramps can be picked up within one week of completion (we’ll call you when the paint has dried), or we can deliver for $10.

Each ramp will have the “” logo along the top (see above photo for example) and 3” high logos on one side in white or black of project supporters.

Ramps are light weight and have rope handles on the sides for easy portability.

The rules and regulations surrounding accessibility are complex, and making your business accessible is (unfortunately) not possible or prudent for some businesses. Please be sure to check with AODA regulations and municipal bylaws before installing a ramp.

This is a not-for-profit community project.

If there are any questions or comments, please direct them to .

Want to volunteer?

Please register below or call us at 289-489-6498 to let us know when you’ll be dropping in to help build.

Ramp Volunteer